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Holladay Grace Roofing Boosts Revenue by $770,630 With The Roofing Demand Strategy

Holladay Grace Roofing, a well-established roofing business in Colorado Springs, has had longstanding success–but they were only winning a small number of the roofing permits pulled in their service area. How did the roofing demand strategy and training help transform their business?

Leveraging The Roofing Demand Strategy and Training for Accelerated Growth


Pipeline Growth YoY


Sales Revenue Increase YoY


Increase in Monthly Search Clicks

The Holladay Grace Roofing Journey

In the vast landscape of roofing options available to Colorado Springs homeowners, why would anyone choose Holladay Grace Roofing over the competition? The answer is simple: Michael Wilhelm’s commitment to earning trust.

Michael’s approach went beyond the ordinary to secure the confidence of potential buyers. He went the extra mile from the first interaction to win over skeptical customers.

While some roofing companies struggled with responsiveness, Michael has prioritized returning calls and answering their questions promptly. Michael’s commitment to excellence has been ingrained in Holladay Grace’s values since he became the company president. 

The Power of a Relevant Digital Presence

Michael and his team understood the significance of a robust online presence and understood that modern buyers relied on a strong digital identity for trust.

Dissatisfied with the lackluster state of the Holladay Grace website, which contained superficial content from various freelancers, Michael sought an agency that aligned with his company's values.

He wasn't seeking a mere website overhaul; he aimed for a platform that mirrored the trust-building efforts of his field team and facilitated effortless navigation for potential clients.

Enter Roofing Demand.

A Shift in Perspective

Roofing Demand's collaboration with Holladay Grace was initiated by tackling the core issue. Although a new website seemed imperative, it wasn't the primary cause of their slowing growth. They were losing sales because their sales team didn’t have the material to address every customer question and concern their buyers had. 

This scenario isn't uncommon for Roofing Demand. Often, businesses approach us with one concern, only to discover a different underlying problem. Our expertise lies in separating symptoms from causes, and we guide companies toward solutions that truly matter.

In Holladay Grace's case, the priority shifted from a new website to establishing a team culture that addresses customer questions and concerns. By strategically hiring personnel, they could generate written and video content that empowered field representatives to engage customers confidently.

Embracing the Vision: Building Trust Through Education

Roofing Demand's unique roofing demand generation model revolves around empowerment rather than outsourcing. We empower companies to master their marketing and sales efforts, providing guidance and training. This approach stems from believing businesses can convey their authenticity more effectively than agencies.

With an internal team producing content aligned with their brand, companies can create compelling connections with their customers by addressing their common questions and concerns. Michael was quick to recognize the potential of this approach.

Holladay Grace joined Roofing Demand's sales and marketing training program, and Michael was the driving force behind creating an organizational culture of content. 

Elevating the User Experience

With a proficient team and an ever-growing repository of educational content, Holladay Grace's new website became a reality. Designed with user experience in mind, the site seamlessly organized information, made resources easily accessible, and provided quick solutions to customer questions.

The Payoff: Phenomenal Growth

The synchronized approach of an upgraded website, a customer-focused marketing strategy, and an enhanced sales process propelled Holladay Grace to unprecedented success.

Website sessions skyrocketed by 340% from 2022 to 2023, translating to substantial growth in organic roofing opportunities. What was once a meager quarterly lead count transformed into organic leads driving a significant portion of their business.

At the time of this account, the culmination of strategic content creation was reflected in Holladay Grace's revenue growth.

By establishing trust, providing value, and showcasing expertise, they saw an increase of $770,630 in year-over-year revenue growth.

The escalation in successful projects and revenue highlighted the direct correlation between customer-focused content and business success.

Closing the Deal with Confidence

The newfound content arsenal empowered Holladay Grace's estimators, elevating their closing rate from a modest 30% to nearly 56%. Revenue surged, marking a transformative journey.

A Self-Sufficient Future

Today, Holladay Grace possesses the essentials for sustained success: a dynamic website, a formidable team, and a wealth of expertise. Independence, not dependence, became the cornerstone of Roofing Demand's philosophy. Roofing Demand’s role is to nurture self-sufficiency in clients, enabling them to thrive without continuous external support.

Michael’s ambitious vision envisions a roofing resource hub that transcends business transactions, aiming to be Colorado’s premier roofing website where customers find answers, regardless of their decision to engage.

As Michael and his team reflect on their partnership with Roofing Demand, they appreciate the transformative learning experience that empowered their growth.

Michael Wilhelm
President, Holladay Grace Roofing

“With Roofing Demand's training and coaching, we have transformed our business, growing our sales revenue by 949% in less than a year.”

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We set apart their product in a vast sea of options and added to the perceived value of their product.
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We helped making a lasting impression on consumers, with fresh new graphics and product photos.
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We promoted their brand and product with an in-person and real-time engagement.