Sales & Marketing Training

Website Design & Development

The Complete Growth Solution for Your Roofing Company

Sales & Marketing Training

We provide a complete solution that helps roofing companies, giving you everything that you need to learn how to be successful long term.

For Mid-Sized Businesses
in the Roofing Industry (>$2m in revenue)

Choose how fast you want to go. The faster the plan, the more intensive the training.

Mastery in
30 months


Best for roofing companies that don't have a content marketing manager or videographer currently on staff and/or have never aligned their company on a sales and marketing strategy.

~$117k Expected Total

Mastery in
24 months


Best for roofing companies that have a content manager but do not have a videographer on staff and are in the early stages of aligning their company's sales and marketing strategy.

~$117k Expected Total

Mastery in
18 months


Best for roofing companies who already have a content manager and a videographer on staff and have alignment across sales and marketing, and are ready to hit the ground running.

~ $117k Expected Total

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Invest in Your Team, Not an Agency

When you hire Roofing Demand, your team will receive personalized training and become self-sufficient in sales and marketing while radically growing your business.

You can expect to gain skills in:

All leading you to an increase in sales velocity and team that’s unstoppable.


Web Design Services Included

You'll get a full website content strategy and redesign. After 90 days, you'll have a launch pad website that is better looking and better-performing than ever. Plus you'll learn how to make updates without a developer.

Price purchased à la carte: $5k/mo. for 3 months. 

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Other Costs You Can Expect

Total Cost

Here is an estimated total cost of what you can expect to spend when you hire us to train your team.

Starting at $11,900/mo.
or $142,800/yr.

$6,800/mo. Training and Coaching
$1,600/mo. HubSpot Growth Suite
$3,500/mo. Ad Spend

We require a 24-month commitment. The prices are based on pre-payment due before the month begins. Our growth plans start at $6,800 per month. Or you can pay an increase of $200 per month at the end of the month.

À La Carte Service

Website Design & Development

Phase 1:
Launch Pad Strategy

Month 1
Starting at $5k/mo.

  • Planning session for a 90-day plan
  • Content messaging strategy
  • Sitemap and navigation strategy
  • Launchpad page strategy
  • Design mockups

Phase 2:
Launch Pad Site

Month 2--⁠3+
Starting at $5k/mo.

  • A better looking, better-performing site
  • The ability to make changes without the need for a developer
  • Content creation guidance

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À La Carte Service

HubSpot Training & Onboarding

We provide HubSpot training if you’re already on the platform. If you’re new to HubSpot, we’ll set you up for success with a strategic onboarding process and train you like a pro.

HubSpot Training & Onboarding Costs

Marketing Hub

Starting at $3,000

Sales Hub

Starting at $3,000

Service Hub

Starting at $3,000

Operations Hub

Starting at $3,500

All Hubs Bundled

Starting at $10,000

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What You Can Expect from HubSpot Training & Onboarding

With your unique situation in mind, we tailor HubSpot to fit your business, help you migrate data, and train you on tools to help you grow.

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Priced Separately

Paid Advertising Strategy & Management

Tier 1

Up to $2,500/mo. ad spend
$750/mo. management fee

+$500 set up fee per channel

Tier 2

Up to $5k/mo. ad spend
$1,500/mo. management fee

+$1000 set up fee per channel

Tier 3

Up to $10k/mo. ad spend
$3,000/mo. management fee

+$2,000 set up fee per channel

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What You Can Expect from Paid Ads Services

Our Facebook and Instagram ad services are perfect for roofing companies with a monthly budget of at least $3,500 for ad spend. You're more likely to see great results if you already have a system in place that turns website visitors into customers. But don't worry if you're just starting out–we've helped lots of businesses create successful sales funnels from scratch.