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Google Guaranteed vs. Google Ads: Which is Right for Roofing Contractors?

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In the digital age, having a solid online presence is paramount for roofing contractors. Establishing online visibility expands your reach and boosts your credibility, making it easier to attract potential customers.

While Google Ads has been a well-established player in the realm of paid advertising, Google Guaranteed, also known as Local Services Ads, is a newcomer that shows promising signs of longevity in the market. 

Google Guaranteed is a certification program created to increase customer confidence in local businesses and has been gaining traction as a reliable and trustworthy advertising option. Its distinct features and advantages present an enticing opportunity for those looking to enhance their marketing strategy. Meanwhile, Google Ads has a solid track record and remains a reliable avenue for targeted advertising.

By exploring the strengths and benefits of both platforms, businesses can effectively leverage their marketing efforts and drive growth.

In this article, we will analyze the capabilities of Google Guaranteed, discuss its advantages over Google Ads, and shed light on why incorporating both platforms can be a strategic move for roofing businesses.

By understanding the distinct offerings and long-term potential of Google Guaranteed (pay-per-lead) alongside Google Ads (pay-per-click), you can make informed decisions to optimize your marketing efforts and stay ahead of your competition.

When establishing trust and credibility with potential customers, roofing contractors can benefit significantly from understanding and utilizing services like Google Guaranteed and Google Ads.

Here’s what we’ll take a look at:

Google Guaranteed: Building Trust and Assurance

Launched in 2019, Google Guaranteed has quickly grabbed the attention of business owners as an alternative means to generate leads. While Google Ads focuses on displaying clickable ads, Google Guaranteed takes a different approach by adopting a pay-per-lead model.

Also known as Google’s Local Service Ads, Google Guaranteed caters explicitly to local service-based businesses, aiming to attract local traffic. One perk is that these ads appear above Google Ads, giving them top priority in paid advertising.


But wait, doesn't Google Ads do the same thing?

To some extent, yes. However, Google Ads caters to businesses that provide local, regional, or national services.

The distinctive factor of Google Guaranteed lies in the following:

  • Paying per lead: You only pay when you receive a lead.
  • Direct contact: Leads contact you directly, providing a streamlined communication channel.
  • Client satisfaction: If a client is unsatisfied with your service, Google steps in and reimburses them instead of your business.

Why go with Google Guaranteed instead of Google Ads?

Google Guaranteed is limited to specific service-based industries, and a verification process is involved. While this might initially deter some businesses, it's essential to understand that Google created this platform to combat fraudulent practices employed by certain companies that mislead customers with deceptive services.

Rest assured; the verification process is not that difficult. Google will simply require information that you likely already has on hand, such as:

  • Business License
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Background Check (which comes at no cost)

Additionally, Google Reviews play a significant role in the Google Guaranteed program, showcasing the credibility and reputation of your business to potential customers.

Google Guaranteed offers a distinct approach to lead generation, particularly for local businesses. While Google Ads remains a viable option for companies operating on various scales, Google Guaranteed provides a valuable solution to combat fraud and enhance customer trust.

What will you get from this guarantee? Google will guarantee the work of your company up to $2,000. What does this mean? It means that if for any reason a customer is dissatisfied by your work, Google Guaranteed provides a safety net by allowing the customer to submit a claim for investigation. Should the investigation conclude in favor of the customer, Google Guarantee will cover expenses up to $2,000 to make it right.

This can give your customers more trust and confidence in doing work with a business that is supported by Google.

While Google Guaranteed offers a unique opportunity for roofing contractors to establish trust and showcase their credibility, it's also essential to explore the advantages that Google Ads brings to the table regarding targeted advertising and customization.

Google Ads: Tried and True

If you're looking for a quick turnaround in acquiring leads, Google Ads is the ideal choice for your business. As industry leaders in paid advertising, they offer the potential to generate leads quickly.

However, it's important to note that more than simply running ads is needed. Making your ads effective requires a well-planned and strategic approach.

Google Ads is far from a "set it and forget it" strategy. It demands consistent monitoring and updates to ensure your ads reach the right target audience and generate quality leads. One of the key advantages of Google Ads is that your ads appear prominently at the top of the search results page, above the "organic" listings obtained through SEO efforts.

Moreover, Google Ads provides a robust platform with various options to showcase your ads to the right consumers effectively. You can explore different ad types to suit your objectives. For instance:

  • Search Ads: These basic ads appear when users search for specific keywords, displaying an "AD" label alongside the listing.
  • Display Ads: These ads utilize images to highlight your business visually and can be shown on various websites and apps.
  • Smart Ads: These automated ad campaigns are particularly beneficial for businesses with limited budgets, as they leverage Google's algorithms to optimize ad performance.

These examples merely scratch the surface of the multitude of campaigns and ads available within Google Ads. It serves as a valuable starting point to generate the leads necessary for business growth, and the best part is that it's accessible to almost every type of business.

By harnessing the power of Google Ads and tailoring your ad campaigns to reach the right audience, you can kickstart your lead generation efforts and propel your business forward.

Let’s compare Google Guaranteed and Google Ads comprehensively, enabling you to make informed decisions about your digital marketing strategies.

Comparing Google Guaranteed and Google Ads for Roofing Contractors

Google Guaranteed operates on a pay-per-lead (PPL) pricing structure, allowing you to dispute and avoid paying for false leads. As a roofing contractor participating in the program, you are only charged when information is generated through the Google Guaranteed listing. It is worth mentioning that the program also has a base fee of $50 per month, for an annual cost of $600.

The cost per lead varies depending on factors such as the location and competition in your area. You can expect that on average, each lead costs about $25 as long as they make contact with your business. [Source]

An advantage of Google Guaranteed is that you can dispute any bogus leads you receive, ensuring you don't have to pay for them. This dispute process helps protect your investment and ensures that you are only paying for genuine leads that have the potential to convert into business opportunities.

With Google Ads, the costs associated with running campaigns are based on a pay-per-click (PPC) model. You are charged each time someone clicks on your ad, regardless of whether they become a lead. This can range from $1,000 to $10,000 per month with an average cost-per-click of $1.00 to $2.00. Also, keep in mind that pricing varies depending on factors such as your industry, ad network, and campaign targeting.

Factors like the competitiveness of keywords and the quality score of your ads determine the cost per click of your ads. Setting a budget for your Google Ads campaigns and monitoring your spending is essential to ensure it aligns with your business goals.

While Google Ads can get expensive, careful budgeting and monitoring can help you manage costs and maximize your return on investment.

By evaluating your business goals, considering your budget, and monitoring campaign performance, you can make informed decisions about which platform aligns best with your needs as a roofing contractor.

One crucial aspect that roofing contractors should carefully examine when considering Google Guaranteed and Google Ads is their respective approaches to keyword targeting. Read on to learn more…

Keyword Targeting

Regarding keyword targeting, Google Ads and Google Guaranteed offer distinct approaches.

In Google Ads, it is essential to focus on buyer intent keywords, indicating that someone is ready to purchase. Targeting buyer intent keywords is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. 

These keywords reflect the intent of potential customers actively searching for roofing services and are more likely to convert into paying clients. By targeting keywords such as "roof repair near me," "emergency roofing services," or "roof replacement contractor," you can reach individuals who have a higher likelihood of making a purchasing decision.

To identify buyer intent keywords, extensive keyword research is necessary. By using keyword research tools, you can discover relevant keywords with high search volumes and indicate strong buyer intent. Additionally, understanding your target audience's needs and pain points can help you tailor your keyword-targeting strategy effectively.

On the other hand, with Google Guaranteed, you don't have to worry about keyword research and bidding strategies, as you will show up in searches in your local market.

When you participate in the Google Guaranteed program, you will be showcased to potential customers searching for roofing services in your area. Google's algorithm automatically displays Google Guaranteed listings based on the searcher's location, ensuring that your business receives local visibility without keyword targeting.

This local market visibility eliminates the need for extensive keyword research and bidding strategies. Instead, you can focus on connecting with customers in your immediate vicinity actively seeking roofing services. 

This can be especially beneficial for contractors who want to target their local market and generate leads within a specific geographic radius.

Understanding these distinctions will help you make informed decisions about utilizing these platforms to enhance your online visibility and generate valuable leads.

Lead Generation and Conversion

Google Guaranteed offers significant lead generation potential. By participating in the program, your business is prominently displayed with the Google Guaranteed badge, which instills trust and assurance in potential customers. 

Increased credibility can lead to a higher volume of leads, as customers are more likely to choose a Google Guaranteed contractor over a non-Guaranteed one. The program's focus on local market visibility ensures that you are reaching customers in your immediate area who are actively searching for roofing services, increasing the chances of generating quality leads.

On the other hand, Google Ads is a powerful tool for generating leads and converting them into customers. You can strategically target relevant keywords, demographics, and geographical locations to reach a particular audience interested in roofing services. 

The ability to create compelling ad copy, utilize ad extensions, and optimize your campaigns allows you to entice potential customers to click on your ads and take action. This action can include filling out a contact form, calling your business, and visiting your website; all leading to potential conversions.

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Google Ads offers robust measurement and optimization capabilities, enabling you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions to improve lead generation and conversion rates.

Now, taking a look at the quality of leads generated by Google Guaranteed and Google Ads, they can vary based on various factors:

  • For Google Guaranteed, the leads generated can be considered high-quality. Customers who choose a Google Guaranteed contractor often have higher trust and confidence in the business, as Google has vetted and verified the contractors in the program. This increased trust can lead to a higher likelihood of conversion, as customers are more likely to engage with a Google Guaranteed contractor.
  • For Google Ads, the quality of leads can depend on the effectiveness of your targeting, ad copy, and landing page experience. You can attract qualified leads by selecting relevant keywords and crafting compelling ads that align with customer intent. 

However, it is essential to continuously optimize your campaigns to ensure the quality of leads remains high. Monitoring and analyzing key metrics such as conversion rates and lead quality can help you gauge the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns.

Understanding each service's lead generation potential, effectiveness, and lead quality will help you make informed decisions about leveraging these platforms to grow your roofing business.

Performance Tracking and Analytics

In terms of data insights and analytics, Google Ads outshines Google Guaranteed. While Google Guaranteed offers basic lead generation tracking, Google Ads provides a wealth of performance metrics and reporting features.

The granular data insights available with Google Ads allow you to measure the success of your campaigns, identify trends, and make informed decisions to improve your advertising strategies.

Google Guaranteed Google Ads
Provides limited tracking and analytics capabilities Offers robust tracking and analytics capabilities to monitor campaigns
Performance metrics available (number of leads generated) Access data including impressions, clicks, click-through-rates, conversions rates, cost per conversion, and more
Detailed data insights are more extensive Provides comprehensive reporting dashboard to analyze performance metrics at the keyword and campaign level
Focuses on establishing trust and credibility rather than giving in-depth tracking and analytic features  Track performance ads, ad groups, and campaigns; allowing you to identify which aspects of your advertising strategy generate the best results


By leveraging the comprehensive tracking and analytics features of Google Ads, you can gain insights into which keywords, ads, and campaigns generate the most leads and conversions. 

This data-driven approach empowers you to allocate your budget effectively, optimize your ad spend, and continuously refine your targeting strategies for maximum ROI.

What’s Best for Roofers?

For roofing contractors, Google Guaranteed is often a better place to start regarding online advertising. It presents lower risk and requires less management or specialized knowledge than Google Ads.

Participating in Google Guaranteed is something roofing companies can do themselves without needing to hire a dedicated expert. The program provides a trusted and credible badge to enhance online visibility and attract potential customers. While it may not offer extensive tracking and analytics capabilities, it is a straightforward option that allows you to showcase your business and generate leads.

On the other hand, Google Ads can be a powerful tool for increasing online visibility and driving lead generation. However, running successful Google Ads campaigns typically requires a certain level of expertise. 

To fully leverage the potential of Google Ads, you may need to hire a Google Ads expert or invest time in becoming proficient through Google's certification program

Ultimately, the best approach for your roofing company will depend on your specific needs, budget, and target audience in your local area. It's recommended to test both Google Guaranteed and Google Ads to determine what works best for your business

You can start with Google Guaranteed for a lower-risk and self-managed option, and if you have the resources and expertise, explore Google Ads to maximize your online visibility and lead generation efforts. As your business grows and you gain more expertise, exploring Google Ads can unlock additional potential for online visibility and lead generation. 

Whether you opt for Google Guaranteed, Google Ads, or a combination of both, leveraging online advertising can significantly enhance your visibility, attract qualified leads, and contribute to the growth and success of your roofing company.

Have questions? Looking for more information on which choice is best for your business? Or are you looking for more ways you can improve your inbound marketing strategy?

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